Stepping  Stone’s Center for Excellence in Special Education shall endeavor to help individuals with special needs realize their integration into society.


Stepping Stone will provide special education, therapy services and vocational skills programs to individuals with learning, behavioral and developmental challenges thru an integrated approach.


Passion for Excellence, Fosters Natural Talents

Commitment to a Well-Rounded Education.

Skills-Centric with a focus on Self-Sustainability


To the families of individuals across all socio-economic backgrounds who have learning, behavioral and developmental difficulties, we commit to providing quality education to students to enable them to realize their full potential with the goal of harnessing their natural talents.

Stepping Stone’s roster of highly qualified SPED teachers, licensed therapists, along with state-of-the-art facilities including vocational training, aids in achieving this goal. To corporations, foundations, and high net worth individuals, Stepping Stone shall provide donors with a channel for Social Responsibility while recognizing the opportunity for building their reputation through a lasting contribution towards this important cause. To our highly qualified and trained staff as well as interns and International Volunteers, Stepping Stone shall provide a  meaningful experience within an Internationally recognized institution with the aid of world class facilities in addition to a nurturing work environment and competitive compensation.