Yusen Logistics X'mas Party for Stepping Stone - Sucat Students

​A good way to show your love for others is to give them a good time, and memories to remember. We are truly grateful to make this happen for the students. Having this event, will let the students experience the outside activities; which can be more interesting and exciting for the students. 

The program was held at Yusen Logistics, located at Amvel Business Park, Paranaque City and started at 11:00 am till slightly past 1:00 pm.​

Yusen Logistics X'mas Party for Stepping Stone - Sucat Students

The first part of the program was giving each student a partner from the Yusen Logistics employees. New faces were introduced to the students. Some of the students were shy, to meet with them while others tend to be chary. After that, they were asked to sit down and listen to some of the things they need to know before they start the program. Mr. Yamada gave a speech to all, including the representatives of Children’s Hour who connected Stepping Stone with Yusen Logistics.

Once the introduction was done, the program started and the students were asked again to stand up and do a partner activity. This Partner Activity is about speaking in Japanese, which is “konichiwa” meaning “hello” while doing the hand shake. Some of the students were able to do the task but some of them didn’t, instead they played with their partners differently. Smiling faces everywhere, it truly shows that everyone is enjoying and having a good time.

Yusen Logistics X'mas Party for Stepping Stone

The next activity was yoga exercise. At first, the students were uncomfortable doing some of the postures and movements. But with the guidance of their “ates and kuyas” they were able to perform the postures. It was  good to see the partners of the students trying to figure out how to handle the our students. It can be seen that they are willing to do everything for that child to do what they need to know.

​Now let’s talk about the games. The first game was the Trusting Game: What you need to do is to cover your eyes with a blindfold and follow your partner’s orders. What was  funny about this activity was the part when their partners shouted out the “duck your head”. Instead our students shouted out “Quack”. Everyone laughed while parents enjoyed seeing their children talking and playing with others. It was indeed a good experience for the students.

Yusen Logistics X'mas Party for Stepping Stone

Students, partners and the parents were having a good time watching them play and trying these kinds of activities. After the game, everyone received a prize which was a bag full of candies. Our students were excited to eat the candies, so they started eating it while waiting for  the second game.

Second game was the “Balloon should not be touch on the ground”.  One of the employees carried a child from nursery class. As you can see here in the photo, the child was really into the game. Everyone was looking at the ballon, reaching, and chasing it. In the end they were able to finish the activity and everyone received their prizes.

The time came when everyone was hungry, and some of the students were opening their snacks from their bags. So, the next part of the activity was showing the students and parents a dance number from the employees before lunch time. Some of them got uncomfortable from the song but most of them watched the performance. Even the students showed their talents from singing the song “part of your world” from the movie Little Mermaid to dancing “bamboleo” from the Gypsy Kings hit  song.

Now the most exciting part of the program was receiving food. Burger steak, ice cream, orange juice and fries from McDonald was enough for them to bring that energy back. 

The last part of the event was a speech from Ms. Joana, our Academics Head,  thanking the people who prepared this program for our students.

There was an effort of preparing and involving the students to an event like this. For that, on behalf of the students and the staff of Stepping Stone, Sucat we would like to say thank you so much for the support. 

Hope to keep in touch with those people who will do everything to make everyone happy and learn something new every day.

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