Valentines Party 2019 "Love is an Open Door"

February is the love month, the most awaited celebration for everyone. Stepping Stone-Makati Campus held a Valentine’s Day Celebration for students last February 14, 2018. Love was definitely in the air. Love comes in so many ways and we show it to someone in many different ways, just like giving flowers, chocolates, writing a letter, singing a song, having a Valentine Party and dancing together with your special someone. Here at Stepping Stone we made it come true and let the students experience those kinds of celebration.

The Valentines Day Celebration had a lot of activity to be experienced. First, we let them cook or prepare their own food, with the help of our Sped Teachers. The Functional Academic students were assigned to cook the spaghetti while the Early Intervention Students made the graham balls.

After preparing valentine's mea, the University of Makati SPED Interns were assigned to facilitate the games. They prepared two sets of games for morning and afternoon class.

The first game was called “shoot the valentine ball”, where the students were given three ( 3 ) balls and they had to throw or shoot it inside the basket. The first group who finished the task will be the winner.

Second game was “hearty, hearty task”. The students were divided into two groups, composed of Functional Academics and Early Intervention students. They needed to reach for the baskets on the chair and pull out a paper from the basket containing a certain task which they had to accomplish.

Third was the “musical heart” game. This time there were no groupings. The students had to play individually. This game is similar to a paper dance, but this time instead of using old news papers, we used a colored paper cut into heart shapes. The students danced outside the heart and when the music stops, they had to step on the heart shaped paper as fast as possible. Those without any heart shaped paper to step on would be eliminated from the dance. And this is also what we did in the afternoon session.

After all the games came the highlight of the celebration: Dancing. This was the most awaited event in this celebration, where all the students danced with their partners with music from the high school days.

It was a magical moment for everyone; all the boys gave flowers to their partners. The Sped Teachers demonstrated first the right and proper posture to dance, after that the students danced and enjoyed the music. Even the teachers and interns were dancing with the students. Of course since most of them are in teen years and they are in awkward stage, some of them were so shy to dance, even when guided and encouraged to dance with their classmates, they were still hesitant to follow. At last, after so many encouragements the shy kids finally danced but with his/her teacher only. Funny but that was all true.

The reason why we let them experience this kind of event or celebration is for them to know what awaits them outside of the school doors. Indeed love is an open door. We train and guide the students so that they will become independent and gracefully dance into the different music in life.

For now let us enjoy what we have, and wait for that magical love door to open again.

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