Summer Fun Class 2019

Summer Classes at Stepping Stone Sucat started on April 10, 2019. Programs Offered were Reading, Math and Handwriting Enhancement, Baking, Barista, Expressive Arts, Crafts, Music and Dance Movement.

The purpose of these summer classes are to continue the learning of new things. This is a big help for our SPED students who look forward to these different programs. Parents also welcome these classes as they expose their children to real world activities outside of regular classroom academics.

When parents were asked why they enroll their children for the summer programs, many responded that their children well master some of these skills into their adult life and these may help them in the future.

This massage should be shared with other parents who are resigned to think their children will never progress. Small steps need to be taken. Discovering your child’s innate talents and likes may surprise you.

We will soon have a swimming pool and playground with turf grass where children can play and just have fun. Watch out for these facilities coming up soon.

For Baking class, students are trained to use an electric mixer, oven, measuring cups, spoons and other equipment and tools. All these under the watchful eyes of our SPED

Teachers. The result: loads of macaroons, cheese cupcakes, chocolate chips, cookies, crinkles and chiffon cakes.

At the Barista Center, Adults are introduced to the equipment and tools for

coffee making. Teachers demonstrated how to make different coffees and beverages making our students taste them. Everyone loved it and enjoyed this activity.

For Expressive Arts classes, our teachers worked their students to express their emotions and talents on canvass. Not only allowing them to paint randomly by teaching them the use of proper strokes using paint brushes, mixing colors, and guiding their

painting strokes. As it happened to be a birthday celebration, the teachers decided to paint a Happy Birthday message on canvas. Parents and students were very happy with

their teacher’s efforts, including baking cupcakes for everyone. Truly a nice treat. Watch out for our new Art room which will be dedicated to teaching painting lessons and eventually putting these up for exhibits.

Music and Dance Movement was done at the Performing Arts Center. Where Zumba, Modern Dance, Waltz, Ribbon Dancing were also taught. Students were given up lessons before proceeding to the actual dance steps. A rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was done in the style of RnB.

Crafts classes produces jars filled with candies, picture frames made from popsicle sticks, decoration pots filled with toiletries, medals using old CD’s and painted special

paper and chimes from cut of paper used to hang on our walls.

For the culminating activity, all crafts and paintings were displayed. Dance,

students showed off their dance number to their parents while Barista and baking students served coffee and pastries. Parents were truly happy to see all these come together in just a few short weeks.

Executive Director Dayal Nandwani handed out certificate to our summer class

students and congratulated all of them.

Kudos to our Summer Class Teachers for a job well done.

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