May 2018 - Culminating Activity -Summer Class

Culmination Activity-Summer Class 2018

“Kissing Summer Goodbye”

On May 28, 2018 the summer fun class ended. This also marks the beginning of a new school year to come.

All of them performed well and showed good developments in their social skills. The summer class also served as a first ground for student Sao to enter the special education class this school year.

The teachers planned and prepared for this day to be memorable and enjoyable for the students. The teachers used the three special education classroom for different activities.

For Early Intervention (EI) the teachers arranged it into an art gallery where the works of the students were posted. There was also a photo wall that showed the actual photo of each child doing their activity.

In the Functional Academics (FA) room, the teachers turned it into a place where the students painted their final artwork that served as their souvenir from the summer class.

The Teen-Adult (TA) room was turned into a venue for games and where the awarding was also done. Most of them showed excellent skills in different areas. The parents were also happy looking at the achievements of their kids. The

students really showed good performs in different areas and we were glad to witness the abilities and interests they had.

This summer was filled with fun, exciting and creative ways to learn things. Not only did the students enjoy but also the teachers. Summer Fun Class has ended and a new school year is about to begin, but the things they learn will continue as we are ready to teach them more fun exciting activities that suit their age, skills and abilities.

The two months of the summer class is proof that the students can still learn while enjoying the summer season. Most of them actually came to school regularly and really excited. We had about nine (9) enrolees for the summer class where the students were taught different skills such as dance, music and rhythm, pre-vocational skills, life-skills, ballroom and expressive art.

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