September 2018 - Family Day Celebration


Makati Campus Celebration

Family day is an event that is intended to allow loved ones to take a break from their daily lives and spend quality time together. Here in Stepping Stone. Know that family day will have a great impact on our students’ improvement in all aspects of learning. Of course, our families were the ones who first taught us how to read, write and count. Not just that, they also showed us how to love and express kindness to everyone.

Center for Excellence in Special Education (Stepping Stone) Foundation Inc. Makati, observed its first Family Day celebration last September 21, 2018. All of the parents expressed so much happiness and excitement when we announced this event. We made this event special by requesting Nuestra Senora de Gracia – Guadalupe Viejo to use their place for fun outdoor games and activities. It is located around vicinity, so it was very convenient for all the families here.

The teachers worked hard in the preparation of this Family Fun Day event. Teachers Hannah, Irish, Lia, March and Sherry conceptualize the program to make it more fun and exciting for the whole family. They also made some cute and glittery photobooths props that says “Number 1 DAD, Super MOM, #1 Brother and Sister, Happy Family.” We, teachers, are part of the family too and we believed that this event created splendid memories for all the families here at Stepping Stone.

The Family Fun Day started with photobooth picture taking where they pose nicely and used our photobooth props. It was so heartwarming to see that most of the families who attended brought all their family members to enjoy. Our photographers University of Makati (UMAK) Psychology interns could not help but smile widely as they took pictures of each family.

After posing like a models in our Happy Family Photobooth, we gathered the students at the Teen-Adult classroom to officially start the program. To get everyone ready and more excited, we did some warm-up dances. All of the family members danced just how their kids danced here at school during circle time. Indeed, dancing gets really better when you enjoy it with your family. How about creating some arts and crafts with the whole family? Of course, it was a grand masterpiece! Different colors of poster paints, paintbrushes and a small canvas were prepared for them. Now they just have to help each other to paint and make a masterpiece that tells about their family on how they love and care for each other. Everyone worked hard and presented quite a striking work of art that you can achieve when you work together with your family.

Everybody was anticipating the outdoor games and activities. We asked each family to bring their own picnic mats so they can enjoy the outdoor activities with their families just like having a picnic day out. Each family were formed into three (3) teams, Team A, Team B and Team C and we asked them to make a cheering and dance introduction for their respective teams so they can also bond and enjoy with other families. Each team showed creativity in entertaining, cheering and dance introductions that made it more exciting. They also participated in our mini fashion show, introducing each family like a model. They walked, waved and smiled like a real model.

When family plays together, they will have a good memories that will last forever. We called the first game “Blow the Cup”. The goal of this game was to blow the cup until the end of the line, the first one who finished will be the winner. All of the parents encouraged their kids and helped them to win the game. Everyone did their best in winning and also cheering for their teams. You can see the delighted faces while playing the games. Of course, in every game there has to be a winner and for this game, Team A won. The other teams got more eager to do their best for all the games.

For the next game, we called it “S.T.I (Sa Tabi ni Inay / Itay).” In English language it translates, “Beside Your Mom / Dad.” We gave them enough length of rope, asked them to tie the parents’ right leg to his / her child’s left leg. The mechanics of this game was to walk together and go around the cone until they get back to their team’s waiting line. Some parents were very eager to participate in this game even if their child did not want to join. Truly, our parents know best. They made a way by carrying their child but still tied with a rope. Each player walked as fast as they could to reach the goal. Some also gave tips to their child by saying “left, right, left, right” to them walk fast together. For this game, Team C did well and won the game.

Teachers prepared a special game for our students’ exposure. They played “sack race”, Early Intervention edition (EI) and Functional Academics (FA) and Teen-Adult (TA) class edition. For the EI students, we cut the end of the sack so they could wear it and walk instead of jumping. They needed to pass around the cone and get back to the team’s waiting line. Every parent excitedly cheered for their kids and also helped them to win the said game. For the FA and TA edition, we made sure that they will play the sack race carefully. The teachers and parents also guided and applauded them while they did the race. All of our kids received prizes as they did well in participating the games.

For the last game, we called it “PasahanTubig.” They have to throw a balloon that was filled with water to the other team’s representative. Their goal was to catch it and not let it slip from their hands. It is really fun to see how the family team up to win a game especially the parents. They were all very competitive. Splashed! Some balloons fell and popped on the ground. Our students really liked this part. They really like the feeling of flowing water. Let us not forget the teachers who also participated this game. The parents and kids cheered for the teachers. It was so exciting and thrilling to be a part and also enjoy the games that we planned for our families. We, the teachers, felt that we really belong to this big family.

What is the point of winning a game if you do not have rewards? That is why we made sure to give out small prizes for all the families who participated. We also made a special award for families who were really extra during the event. For the “Buwis-Buhay Award” winners, we picked the mother of Sao Paulo Brazal and Brianne Bucao of Early Intervention class, Mrs. Brazal and Mrs. Bucao. They worked extra hard to make their child participate in each game even if their child did not want to join. Good job, Mommies! We also had the “Coolest Parent Award.” This is for the parents who looked very cool even if some games took a lot of sweat to accomplish. The winners were, Mrs. Alcantara, mother of Ismael Calimag from Teen Adult class and Mr. Nacino, father of Wyn Nacino from Early Intervention class. For this award, we really thought of a creative and catchy name, we called it “BBSS Award” and it stands for “Believe na Believe sa Sarili.” If you believe you can make it, you really can make it possible. That’s what these parents believed as they played each competitive game. The mother of Sophia Rey from Functional Academics, Mrs. Rey and Maverick Pacit’s mother, Mrs. Pacit won the said award. They believed and they got a special award.

Remember how they walked, waved and smiled for everyone like a model for the mini fashion show? We also prepared a special award for that, it was called “Supermodel Award.” Every family who joined the event were all supermodels but we chose those who went the extra mile while doing the fashion show. Click, flash, pose! Dacuno Family and Sison Family were the chosen supermodel winners for this award. The family that eats together, gets healthy together. Let us not forget this gathering without filling up our hungry stomach from all the Family Fun days’ activities and games. For sure, the happy memories that were shared today filled up our hearts and made our relationship with our families stronger. It proved that family is our key to happiness. This Family Fun day event showed that we are all one Big Happy Family here at Stepping Stone.


Sucat Campus Celebration

Family is not always blood. They are the people in your life who want you in theirs as well. The ones who accept you for who you are the ones who would do anything to you to smile and love you no matter what.

Last September 21, 2018, Stepping Stone Sucat celebrated their first Family Day. Ms. Joana Brion, Academics Head of the institution opened the program and welcome all the participants. She introduced each of the students and the teachers to everybody.

Family Day was the first program attended by the Functional Academics Class, which gave these students an opportunity to meet other students of the school given their different schedules. Each class presented a dance number.

The highlight of the program was the Supermodel Contest. There were ten (10) contestants for the Supermodel Child and two (2) for Supermodel Mom. They showed their fantastic “rampa” and “unkabogable” attire. Princess Mae Panglao was hailed as the Supermodel Child 2018 and Ms. Merlinda Reyes as a Supermodel Mom 2018.

The program was prepared for the pupils and parents to enjoy. The teachers had some games for them like Trip for Jerusalem, Newspaper Dance, Eating Apple Contest, Sack Race, Water Relay and “Pabitin”. Laughter, a sign of enjoyment could be heard in each one of them. Parents were so glad to see their son/daughters participating in the games. The sweat and tiredness’ of pupils was the outcome of their energy during the games. The heat of the sun didn’t overcome them to do their best in every game.

Sharing is a way of giving thanks for all the blessings received. Parents brought different kinds of food to share. Healthy food= happy tummy.

The celebration became successful because of the collaboration of everybody. The family that helps each other achieves their goals to be successful together.

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