Buwan ng Wika Celebration 2019

Every year we celebrate the “Buwan ng Wika” to remind every Filipino of how rich our culture is in terms of our languages. The theme for this month’s event is “ Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino” which means giving importance to the different native languages Filipinos used from the different parts of the country.

Last 28th day of August, Stepping Stone Makati Campus, celebrates the National Language Month to bring tribute to our native languages. Functional Academic teachers prepared a program that gave more emphasis on the different native groups and the different languages spoken in certain parts of the country.

The program started with the singing of the doxology which was led by Eunice Dapito and then followed by the singing of the National anthem which is led by Danika Tanghal both from functional Academic class. After the ceremony there was a group dance presentation which was performed by all of the students from Early Intervention and Functional Academic class and then followed by the dance presentation performed by the Occupational Therapists next followed by individual class presentation from Early Intervention Class and Functional Academics. It was an amazing moment witnessing the learners dancing the different native songs and entertaining all the parents and teachers who watched their performance.

After the dance presentation, is different games prepared by the FA teachers. The teachers prepared a variety of games with a touch of native languages.

The First game was the “Palusot” (Shoot). The mechanics of this game was to throw and shoot the stick inside the bottle with the name of the different native languages in the Philippines. Each member got two chances to shoot the stick inside the bottle. The group who got the highest number of the shots won the game.

The second game is the “Sambit-salita” with Sack Race. In this game, both students and parents joined. There were different native statements that are rolled and put into a bottle which will be read by the parent. The mechanics are that the student will do the sack race to get one rolled paper and then go back to their parent to read what is in the paper three times and then the next student again until all the statements have been read. The first group to finish will be the winner.

The third game was “Paghawi ng Harina” Again, this game was be played both by the student and parent. The teacher prepared five paper plates with flour and underneath the flour is the theme of the event which is “Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino”. The mechanics of the game is to find and read the statement under the flour using the elbow only. The first one to read the statement will be the winner.

The last game was the “Pagkain ng Polboron”. This game also played by both parent and student, where the student will put the polvoron inside their parent’s mouth and while the polvoron is in the mouth, the parent will read three different statements which are written in a native language, the first parent to finish reading and swallowing the polvoron will be the winner.

It was such a really fun game because of the participation and interaction between parents and students.

After all the fun games, everyone joined in for a bountiful Filipino food delicacies prepared by their parents. Students learned a lot about the Filipino Culture and the different languages and the importance of using and preserving our languages.

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